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UNICO 20 87 Hotel Riviera Maya

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to experience Unico 20°87° a couple weeks ago with a fabulous group of travel professionals. This 2-year-old, five-star, adults only resort is located approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes from the Cancun International Airport, not far from the best excursions in the Riviera Maya area. As part of AIC resorts, Unico is privately owned by a family with deep roots in Mexico. This shows the minute you walk inside the resort. Elegant touches and craftsmanship with an ode to Mexican culture adorn every inch of the resort. Deservingly so, Unico also is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, a prestigious group of hotels that meet very strong hospitality criteria. According to the Leading Hotels of the World’s website, “Upon successful completion of a rigorous application and inspection process, only the most eminent hotels are accepted for admission.”

Unico has received rave reviews since opening its doors. But, is this property a good fit for corporate incentive groups? YES! It certainly is. And here are some reasons why:

  • Convenience and Size – Unico is uniquely designed in a horseshoe shape with the main pools conveniently located in the center. The lobby can be found at the top of the horseshoe; therefore, even if you are at the tip of the horseshoe, it’s only a short walk to the lobby, coffee bar, spa and meeting space (very modern and well-maintained). The purpose of a group incentive trip is to make your winners feel rewarded for their hard work. But, it’s also a great opportunity for interaction and comradery amongst your staff. At this resort, you achieve both.

  • VIP Services – Each and every guest of Unico is treated as a VIP. There is no “diamond club” or “concierge class.” All guests have access to the resort’s amenities and each room is assigned to a “local host” who checks in on his or her guests on a daily basis. He or she customizes in-room amenities, assists with reservations, coordinates with house-keeping and more. My local host texted me using my WhatsApp every day.

  • It’s ALL Included – Often, when you visit a resort, you feel nickel and dimed with unexpected up charges in every direction. Not at this resort! All food and beverage is included at each restaurant and bar. Keep in mind that if you want a specific liquor, you have to ask for it or they will give you well brands. Something to mention in light of current events is that Unico has a policy where they smash every bottle once it is empty (no refilling). There were even signs posted at every bar with instructions on how to identify if a bottle has been tampered with. In addition to the food and beverage, select excursions and most spa treatments are included for just a 25% service fee. Let’s talk spa. . . I had three really great 50-minute treatments in my four days at the resort and spent less than $200! Think about that in terms of your optional activities budget. Instead of pre-arranging optional activities, you could just give a cash allowance and allow your attendees to use it how they would like. Excursions and spa can be pre-arranged before or during travel using the really great Unico app. This app is so robust that you can even order food to your lounge chair by the pool with the mobile app! Genius! When pricing an incentive trip at this resort versus others, I guarantee that you will be very surprised by the value of this five-star resort. I’m told that the resort even includes food and beverage at your private functions with no per person cost (unless you add upgrades)!

  • The Special Touches (this is a long list; so, buckle up!) – I was very surprised by the unique special touches Unico provides all of it’s guests. Upon arrival to the resort, I did not visit the front desk to check in. They came to me. While sitting comfortably on a couch, the staff walked me through the check-in process and even took my credit card for incidentals. I was presented with four candles to smell so that I could choose the scent in my room. A refreshing wash cloth and welcome drink were also handed to me. Who doesn’t love that kind of VIP service? The bellman walked me and my luggage to my room and gave me a complete tour of my absolutely GORGEOUS guest room with beautiful wooden accents and an extremely comfortable four poster bed. Would you believe that there are 4 kinds of pillows you can request via the “Pillow Menu” in the mobile app? My mini bar was stocked with beers, juices and sodas and I had a basket filled with local snacks, all of which are replenished daily or upon request. In the bathroom, there’s an amenity basket with every item you could possibly need, including bug spray, a razer, a toothbrush and more. The shampoos and bath soaps smelled amazing and there’s even a certificate you can take to the spa’s “Bath Bar” to choose a small gift to take with you. I chose lavender soaps and a body scrub infused with peppermint. OMG the shower! A ceiling mounted rain shower with an additional hand spray and in-shower bench. Best robes I’ve ever seen at a hotel too (not going to lie, I slept in mine). On the bench by the door to my room were two straw hats (a men’s and a women’s). A couple days a week, an artist is available to paint a design on your hat at no cost to you. The lanai (balcony) has a jetted bath tub (I didn’t use mine but others in my group did) and a couch with a table. Those in the lead-in category get a swim-up instead of the bath tub (you saw that right . . . the LEAD IN category!) This is where I ate breakfast each morning (free room service that can be ordered with your mobile app the night before!) Even the restaurants offer unique touches. For example, don’t miss ordering the Ice Cream Truck dessert (pictured). For two or more people, this is served table top. We took one of the resort’s signature excursions (I highly recommend the Mayan Village & Tankah Cenote Tour) and we were given a care package with sunscreen, after sun care and insect repellent as we boarded the bus. They really do think of everything!

As a meeting planner, I’m always working when I travel. What I mean by that is that I look at resorts with a critical eye, always evaluating if they will be a good fit for my clients. For example, on a recent family road trip, I did a site inspection of a hotel while my family slept in. My visit to Unico was no different. Was it 100% perfect? No. It’s run by human beings. But, I hated leaving there, which is always a great sign. Having planned and operated countless incentive trips worldwide, I feel confident that Unico is an excellent choice for your company’s next incentive trip and Global Eventures would love the opportunity to partner with you to create a unique and memorable five-star trip for your valued employees! Contact us today!

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